We know how large objects will act, but things on a small scale.

  • Clothing and Fabrics

    ½ or ¼, selling of fabrics in fractions has become easy!

  • Construction Material

    Sell the exact amount & reduce waste for your construction projects!

  • Grains

    Experience the convenience of selling grains and pulses in precise fraction!

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Guidelines on how fractional Quantity actually works!

  • Quick setting for enable and disable fractional quantity support.

  • Ability to set different fractions for different product.

  • Ability to show total available quantity in stock.

  • Showing the price per meter per yards etc.

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Elevate Your Shopify Store with Fractional Quantity Management!

Watch our quick tutorial to see how effortless and profitable managing fractional quantities can be for your Shopify store.


Answer a few questions to clear the air!

If 0.5 step size has been selected, do we need to set the base price of each product to be based on 0.5 metre/yard?

Yes, to show the correct product price on the store, we need to change the price accordingly if the step size selected is 0.5 then the product price should be of ½ metre/yard.

Do we need to change the product inventory acoording to the step size?

Yes, product inventory needs to be changed according to the selected step size, if selected step size is 0.50 then you will need to double the inventory.

To apply the fractional calculation, does each product should have the decimal tag in the product tag?

Yes, you will need to add decimal tag for the product in which you want to apply fractional calculation.

Is there any other way to apply fractional calculation than adding tag to products?

Yes, we can create a specific product template for products in which you would like to apply calculations by selecting the product template for the product.

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