selling fabrics and other material in decimal quantity

  • Clothing and Fabrics

    ½ or ¼, selling of fabrics in fractions has become easy!

  • Construction Material

    Sell the exact amount & reduce waste for your construction projects!

  • Grains

    Experience the convenience of selling grains and pulses in precise fraction!

Precision Shopping Made Easy, Your Trusted Partner for Getting the Exact Quantities You Need, Every Time 

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Elevate Your Shopify Store with Fractional Quantity Management!

Watch our quick tutorial to see how effortless managing fractional quantities can be for your Shopify store.


Answer a few questions to clear the air!

Is this feature available in shopify by default?

No, Shopify only allows selling in integer quantities (e.g., 1, 2, 3) by default. In this solution, we attempt to change the front end layer to show fractional quantities for better user experience.

Is this an app?

No, its a workaround solution which is implemented as theme customisation. This can be implemented on different themes and has many configurable features through theme customizer.

What's the timeline to get this implemented?

Solution is typically implemented within seven business days, unless the theme is highly customised. We will provide you an estimate after reviewing the store.

Will you need to access our store?

Yes, we will need to access your store to edit the theme code. We would send request to collaborative access for your approval. The duplicate copy of theme will be edited and a preview link will be sent before it is made live with your approval.

 Have questions or need assistance? We're here to help. Reach out to our team and discover how we can support your business.

See practically how it works on demo store

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