Show A 360-degree View Of Your Product For Better Customer Engagement

In the world of eCommerce, It has become really important for businesses to work on new methods to boost sales online. In eCommerce, it becomes a necessity to provide a good eCommerce customer experience for your business.

As consumers turn to online shopping, their expectations for customer experience also continue to rise. In simple words, when you give customers a great experience they’ll buy again, be more loyal to your brand, and share their experience with other people.  


What is a 360-degree viewing experience :

360-degree customization of the product will contain multiple images of the product, captured at every angle possible. This customization will works on the product images, to create a visual that the product images are rotating in 360 degrees.  It will show the product from all sides giving the idea of how the product looks from every angle and making the user understand it better. All it takes is a click and a drag to view the product from every angle. 

Why you should use it in your store : 

To be successful at eCommerce platforms, your products need to stand out from the competition and your consumers need to see your products as the best products available.

Today, 360-degree product photographs have become a major part of the world of eCommerce. Having a spinning image rather than a static one will help your store increase customer confidence in your products and boost your eCommerce. 

Especially, if your products are multi-dimensional with features that the consumer would want to see and engage with, 360 product customization is worth having and will surely help you increase sales.

How it has changed user experience :

The buying process in the physical world involves seeing, touching, and handling products. This allows consumers to know if they are buying the right product or not.

In the eCommerce buying process, there is no seeing, touching, or handling. But with 360-degree customization on products, we offer them the ability to engage with your product. 

Consumers get a whole look from every side and to have a chance to engage with its features and to ensure that the consumer is buying the right product, 360 product images offer consumer engagement and interactivity. This reduces product returns, saving your business time and money.

Example of a 360-degree view of your product : 


For example, suppose you sell all kinds of watches. Consumers would want to have a close look at the design and functionality on all sides, so 360 images are a perfect fit. Shoppers would use their mouse to control the product rotation and to view the angles they are interested in.

Conclusion :

 In today’s world, customer expectations are rapidly evolving. This means businesses need to work harder than ever to keep customers engaged and happy. That’s where the 360-degree viewing experience of your product comes in. 

We at Propero works on providing online product visualizations and help you get more engagement for your store. It will not only help you enhance customization capabilities but also in getting the best customer experience. All you need is a series of photos of your product from every angle and let us do the rest. 

For a 360-degree view visit: Demo Store   password: ''360''.

Hope you found the above valuable.

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