Shopify Metafields Its Uses And Example

The new launch of Shopify called “online store 2.0” has changed the game for all Shopify merchants. They can go through the functionality of 2.0 and present their store in a new way.

The merchants can enhance the shopping experience of their customers by enhancing the look and design of the store. All thanks to Online store 2.0.

Some of the major changes that happened after 2.0 are App embed, filters, Metafields, and sections becoming manageable.

In this article below, we will discuss Metafields, and their uses, with an example.

Shopify Metafields Its Uses And Example


What is Metafields? 

Metafields are also called Custom Fields. It is used to store more information on your online store by customizing the appearance and functions. The additional information could be about your products, variants, collections, customers, orders, blogs, etc. in your store.

The metafields can be used anywhere as attributes for products, variants, collections, and customers to customize the appearance of the Shopify store.


Shopify Metafields can be used for:

  1. Products
  2. Variants
  3. Collections
  4. Customers
  5. Orders

Product Metafields: The product metafields store additional information about Products. For example specifications, size charts, user manuals, and badges of the products. This information can further be used to show improved UI with additional product specific information or add features which earliear required an app.

Variants Metafields: The Shopify variant metafields are used to store additional information related to the product variants such as variant description, color code, fabric prints, flavors, etc. You can show these metafields on the product page for the selected product variants. 

Collections Metafields: The collection metafields are used to store additional information about the collections. To show different Sale offers for different collections, we need to create collection metafields to store the offer details.

Customer Metafields: Customer metafields are used to store additional customer information and to create a customer profile. For example The customer’s birthdate, gender, and loyalty status etc.

Order Metafields: The order metafields are used to store the additional order information. It could be about the packaging date, normal delivery, or express delivery.


How Metafields works?

The metafields in shopify include namespace, key, type, name, description, and owner type. 

Namespace: A container for a group of metafields.

Key: The name for the metafield.

Type: The type of data that the metafield stores.

Name: The name is displayed in the shopify admin.

Description: A description of the metafield definition.

Owner type: The resource that the metafield is attached to.

Example of Metafields

Let's look at Metafields with an example of a wine shop to understand it thoroughly.

Here in the above image, the flag overlay on the product image and the types of wine are displayed with metafields.


 The additional information represented above the product title is displayed by the metafields.

This is the additional information on the product detail page which is also displayed by the metafields.

Hope you found the above helpful.


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