Selling In Fractions Of Unit On Shopify

As everyone knows E-commerce businesses work in many different ways.  All business requirements differ from business to business.  Most of the businesses work in whole quantities but there are some exceptions.

Some of the businesses require a partial amount of product. Here comes the need of fractional quantity.  Fractional quantities are typically needed in products such as fabrics, construction materials, and raw ingredients.

In most cases, fabrics are generally sold per meter or yards. However,  sometimes the customer would like to buy 1.25 meter or 2.50 meter.

In such cases, it becomes imperative to give your customer an option to buy in increments of a fraction. Further the requirement of fractional increment can vary from just an increment of 0.10, 0.20, 0.25 or 0.50 etc.

Shopify is one of the leading platforms of choice for many merchants but it has limitations when it comes to dealing with fractional quantities.

The way the backend is setup is that you can only sell quantities which are multiple of 1 so there is no way you can set up fractional selling by default. 

Having mentioned this, you would see some stores which have found a way to workaround this limitation. 

We at Propero have created a workaround to help merchants keep the power of Shopify and also be able to provide the fractional quantity selling support.

Most of the stores mentioned above are enabled by Propero’s decimal support customization.

The way it works is that at the presentation layer the quantities are represented in decimal and in the backend, a product’s inventory is maintained as multiple of the lowest unit ( or fraction) one wants to sell.

This solution needs to be customized for different themes but the underlying concept remains the same.

We at Propero have created a packaged solution which can be quickly implemented on many different themes and has many configurable features through theme customizer. 

Some of the features of solution includes:

  • Quick setting for enable and disable fractional quantity support
  • Ability to set different fractions for different product 
  • Ability to show total available quantity in stock 
  • Showing the price per meter per yards etc.

So far we have helped more than 30+ Shopify merchants from across the globe and you can see the solution and detail in action on this demo site. password : ‘sbw’


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