Five Things To Consider To Ensure Higher Conversion For Your Online Fabric Store

The user experience is one of the most important aspects to make a fabric store successful. Shopify provides a majority of functionalities to work on but despite having all the features in hand many of the merchants fail to recognize it and keep working in traditional ways.

In this article, we will be discussing how one can improve the sales of fabric stores.

Some of the important points which should be there in the fabric stores - 

  1. Include a ruler:  The user experience becomes better when a user can acknowledge what prints will be of what size. It will help in determining the area of pattern on a piece of fabric. Having a ruler in every image will be beneficial for a better customer experience.

2. Detailed description: It would be more specific for the buyers to have a brief description of all aspects that are relevant to the fabric such as size, color, wash care, and types of materials. The description could be in the form of bullet points or images etc. 


3. Add a fractional quantity: In fabrics, there should be an option to select a partial amount of fabric rather than the whole amount. Fabric is one such thing where the required quantity could be infractions. It could vary as 2.5,3.75, 2.8, etc., and can be done by enabling fractional quantities in your store.


4. Minimum and maximum order: Each fabric should have information about the quantity available so one who buys in bulk can notice the minimum and maximum order quantities for each fabric.

5. Usage of fabric: Most fabrics are purchased for making dresses. The user experience can be enhanced more by adding pictures of dresses in our fabric store. This makes it easy for the user to decide whether they want to purchase it or not.



All the points mentioned above will help you boost your fabric business online. A better user experience is the key to the success of the store.

For enabling fractional quantity in your store visit: 

Hope you found the above helpful.

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