Calculator In Shopify for Construction Industry

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Calculator In Shopify for Construction Industry

 In this article, we will talk about “product quantity requirement calculators” & how merchants can leverage it in their Shopify store to increase conversion and drive growth. While there are scenarios where calculators are useful like the amount of paint you need for wall painting, or the amount of landscape material you need to prepare a particular area or amount of sand, mortar or brick you need for a particular job.

Let's get a better understanding of the need and possible solution approach. 

What do calculators mean in Shopify stores for the construction Industry ?

The calculator is used to dynamically provide the material required while purchasing construction material. For example an user can input any number which will be in the sq ft unit of measure and it will calculate all the different material required based on logic which is pre decided for the construction.

 It will not only calculate the quantity, the amount of package required ( in case some items are sold in specific quantities due to packaging) but also the total amount. All the mathematical calculations will be done automatically in an easy way. The user does not have to think. We will review an example down below. If you are short of time you can review that example.

Why choose a calculator for your Shopify store ?

Merchants who work in the industry where purchase decisions are based on an area or volume, such as construction materials, gardening etc. can have calculators to have a better user experience. They can make the process of buying all the materials very easy for the customers which can eventually help increase the conversion rate.

The user will not have to struggle with the quantity as the calculator will calculate it fast and accurately and on the product page itself. 

Example -

What are the benefits of having a calculator in your store - 

  1. The calculator is user friendly and you will be selling exactly what the customer requires. You would avoid shopper going outside the site to do calculations
  2. The user’s time will save as all the mathematical calculations will be done automatically by the calculator. 
  3. The user experience gets better and the reviews of the store will increase, maintaining their overall return of investment.
  4. All the required materials will be at one place and the user might purchase in bulk which will increase the average order value.
  5. In certain cases calculators can be designed to model the wastage in particular cases due to breakage, for example while buying tiles for flooring, it is advised to purchase 10% extra etc.

We at Propero have already been doing this for a long time now where we help merchants to reach their goals by working on customizations which are not available in Shopify by default such as fractional quantity, 360 degree view of product etc.

If you need calculations in your store then having one will benefit both the merchants as well as the consumer. In this article, we have focused on calculators for construction material, however it could be for anything as per the merchants requirements.

Hope you found the above helpful.

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