Automated Migration Of Shopify Themes To Online Store 2.0

Shopify and other theme designers release updated versions of the themes that they've published on the Shopify Theme Store. These updated versions usually include bug fixes and new features. Most of the merchants update their themes as the new version comes up. 

In this article, we will discuss how one can migrate their Shopify themes to online store 2.0 very quickly, without the help of a developer or editing code.



Why upgrade your current theme to Online Store 2.0 

Shopify announced its biggest upgrade of recent time at Unite 2021 and introduced Online Store 2.0. Online Store 2.0 is a set of features and feature improvements that make themes and theme apps easier to build, more flexible, and easier to maintain. You can update the look of your store and get access to new features by migrating it to online store 2.0.

Online Store 2.0 introduces a new JSON template format that lets you add new and existing sections to most pages in your theme, and add and remove sections from any page directly in the Shopify theme editor.

You can also introduce standard meta fields as default settings in your theme. Using standard meta fields can help to make your components more flexible and reusable, or to provide standard templates for certain business segments.

Also, When an app is uninstalled by a merchant, the app code is removed with it. This makes your theme easier to support and troubleshoot.

How to upgrade your current theme to Online Store 2.0 

Firstly, If you are using a vintage theme & it is performing according to your requirements then you can keep continuing using it without migrating it to online store 2.0. 

However, If you are wondering about upgrading your theme then one way to convert it is by hiring a developer who will convert all of your liquid files to JSON or if you are a merchant who is comfortable with editing HTML, CSS, and Liquid then you can upgrade it by converting your liquid code to JSON. However, not everyone is comfortable with editing code.  You may also attempt the conversion yourself by following this article

We at Propero, have created an easy solution where you can easily convert your existing theme to an online store 2.0 ready theme, without the help of a developer. It works for 95% of the cases, given that a lot of themes might have been heavily customized.

Migrate your Shopify themes to online store 2.0

We at Propero, have worked on creating a hassle-free way to automate the migration of your theme to online store 2.0 

You can easily convert your themes to online store 2.0 in just a few minutes. All you have to do is go to upload an export of the zip file of your theme, click migrate, and voila! Your theme will get converted into online store 2.0. 

As a caution, we suggest you duplicate it first and then upgrade the duplicate copy, later you can publish the duplicate one.

It has been the easiest and stress-free way to convert your themes to the latest version available. You can play around with different themes without worrying about the rest of the content in your admin panel. 

Hope you found this valuable.

Visit: for upgrading your current theme.

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