4 Features That Construction Material Companies Should Have In Their Store

Most of the d2c brands are now digital and every sector is trying to compete in the digital market. The construction material industries are no exception to that. But to stand out from the competition, the brands have to do something different.

In this article, we will be discussing 4 such features that would help them stay competitive and expand their business, helping them generate sales and increasing their conversion rate.


4 Features That Construction Material Companies Should Have In Their Store

The features are - 

 A chatbot - Most of the time merchants tend to have all the sources on their store but the buyer needs some clarification so that he can make the purchase an easy process without any confusion. Having a chat function engages the buyer more into our brand and helps them make the right purchase.

The chat function can appear on the corner of the website as a pop-up and can be programmed to give automated answers to frequently asked questions.




A calculator - Merchants who work in the industry where purchase decisions are based on an area or volume, such as construction materials, gardening, etc. can have calculators to have a better user experience. They can make the process of buying all the materials very easy for the customers which can eventually help increase the conversion rate.

The user will not struggle with the quantity as the calculator will calculate it quickly and accurately and on the product page itself. 



An internal search bar - There would be some buyers who visit your store to buy specific materials. They are sure about their purchase and don’t want to waste their time searching for all the materials. Here we can enable an internal search bar that could be on every possible product page. 

The best way to place it is on the top or in the navigation bar. The user experience will become better by enabling an internal search bar as the buyer's purchase will be fast and hassle-free.



Visual Usage of product - The ability to see and imagine how some of the material would look in some of the locations such as hospitals, stores, etc., or dining, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. in a building.

 The user will find it attractive to be able to visualize it and seal the deal in lesser-time. It will prove to be an advantage for both the consumer as well as the merchants.



The consumer's demands increase with time so should increase the functionalities in the Shopify store. A chatbot, A calculator, an internal search bar, and visual usage of products are four influential features that can be utilized by building material companies. If you enable these features in your Shopify store the user experience will become more convenient and it will stand out from the competition.

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Hope you found the above helpful.

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