Robotic Process Automation (RPA) For Recruitment

RPA is finding usage across many departments within organizations and business functions having repetitive tasks is likely to benefit most by leveraging the true power of bots. HR leaders can improve the efficiency of their process while freeing up the valuable time of associates to do more value-adding tasks of interacting with people and talking to prospective candidates instead of spending time on routine tasks of moving data, scheduling interviews, shortlisting candidates, creating custom reports, etc.

A number of IT companies are introducing RPA for evaluating resumes, sending letters after interviews, and even finding potential candidates.

Robotic Process Automation can automate 75% of the tasks of the recruitment department.

In this article, we will discuss how RPA is helping in recruitment in detail. 

RPA for Recruitment 

The human resources department in any organization plays a crucial role in supporting employees and improving the whole work environment so that employees can do their jobs effectively.

Processes like sourcing the right candidates, scheduling interviews, and performing background checks require a resource to handle and ensure those are done without any issues.

Performing these screenings became a burden for HR departments to handle and RPA is here to rescue them.


HR & Recruitment processes that can be automated with RPA - 

  1. Resume screening and candidate shortlisting.
  2. Offer letter administration
  3. New hires setup and onboarding.
  4. Travel and expense management
  5. Monthly Payroll
  6. Employee Data Management
  7. Reports and Data Analysis of surveys and reviews
  8. Introduction and training
  9. Time and attendance
  10. Exit management


Let’s look at some of the major issues in recruitment that can be automated with RPA - 

Sourcing Candidates:

One of the most common and time-consuming tasks of recruiters is to search for the right candidate for a particular role. It involves a lot of manual work and it is time-consuming too.

RPA helps them by automating the search by parsing the resumes based on the keywords provided in various talent pools and databases for quality candidates.


Most of the candidates are more likely to ask the same repetitive questions to HR. Thus, wasting their valuable time which can be invested in more strategic work.

However, with RPA chatbots can be created to answer all the frequently asked questions & HR does not need to be in contact with them individually. Thus saves a lot of time.

Chatbots can do :

Ask candidates for their resumes, cover letters, and contact information.

Ask pre-screening questions regarding a candidate’s education, experience, and skills.

Schedule an interview with a recruiter or hiring manager.

Recruitment Marketing Campaigns:

Marketing gives a boost to industries if it's done right. To get the potential candidate in time the recruiters need to be active & post for requirements on time at platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin & forums such as slack. 

However, software robots can help in easing the process of scheduling the posts by defining the process flow using RPA tools and relieving the person doing this repetitive work.

Interview scheduling: 

If HR has to manage the interview of one or two candidates with respective managers then it is an easy process but the HR work gets crucial when there are hundreds of candidates and managers are limited.

An RPA software robot can help in making this process easier by getting real-time access to a recruiter or hiring manager’s calendar and suggesting specific time slots based on availability to the candidate. Once the candidate selects a time slot of his choice, a confirmation email will be sent to both and that’s how simple RPA gets it done.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

The candidate experience matters and helps in maintaining the brand value of the organization. Bots can be used to collect real-time data throughout the candidate experience and monitor candidate satisfaction in each stage of the hiring process. The candidate will have a smooth experience and a better understanding of the brand.


Advantages of RPA in Recruitment processes - 

Increased productivity: Human tend to make errors at one point or another, they need a break or lunchtime, but robots don’t make mistakes, don’t get tired, and increase work efficiency.

Scalability: The costs can get increased and decreased as per the task or requirement while working with RPA. This helps in getting the work done at a minimal cost.

Reliability: Robots increase work efficiency by working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any human intervention.

Consistency: RPA provides error-free completion of the task maintaining consistency without any issue.

Flexibility: With RPA the procedures can be controlled anytime, anywhere using most digital devices providing the most flexible environment.  



Robotic Process Automation is beneficial in HR and recruitment processes as it has made hiring processes easy and faster. While RPA is here to ease the processes by automating them. Human interaction still plays a key role in maintaining good employee-employer relations no matter the technology we use. Organizations need to find the right balance between technology and human interaction, but rest assured technology is in safe hands with the ability to deploy RPA bots.    

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