Open Source RPA And Its Benefits

The practices of RPA have been undoubtedly helpful in business needs. Automation has managed to bring several benefits by taking over a lot of repetitive tasks from office workers and providing more time for creative pursuits or more human tasks for employees. The overall efficiency and accuracy of the business process have also seen great improvement. In this article below we will be discussing open-source RPA, why we should choose open source rather than commercial tools, and its benefits to the users. Firstly, Let's quickly look at what RPA is. 

Open Source RPA And Its Benefits

Robotic Process Automation 

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. RPA operates in automating manual tedious repetitive tasks by software robots. These software robots are software programs that are built to do the self-regulation work by replacing the human element. The work could be addressing queries, making calculations, maintenance of records, and performing transactions.

In simple words, the digital processes that can be documented sequentially can easily be automated with RPA. 

What is open-source RPA - 

Before discussing open-source RPA, let’s learn what open source in general means. Under the open-source approach, a source code is made freely available for possible modification and redistribution. Anyone can contribute to make it better or create their version as per the actual code licensing policy which may need attribution or the presence of a particular license in further copies. Some of the well-known open-source software or platform are android, Linux, Wikipedia, etc. Open-source RPA tools are available to the audience without any cost. They can make the best out of it according to their uses. They are suitable for users who are beginners & want to explore RPA.


Why choose open-source RPA than Commercial RPA -

A small and midsize company may not afford commercial RPA tools also known as proprietary tools because of their licensing cost.

For small and midsize companies open source is always the best option to automate the processes and even larger companies can fulfill the gaps that commercial products might not fill such as automation with python.

What are the benefits of open-source RPA -

For collaboration  The open-source code is easily customizable and great for collaboration as it is one collaboration-based software. 

Adaptable - Open-source tools are designed in a way that they are capable of fulfilling any organization’s needs.

Minimum cost - Open-source is free to low cost compared to Commercial RPA which helps businesses decide whether they want to go ahead with RPA.

Flexible - Open source services are flexible according to the required timeline. If a business requires to automate an operation once a year they do not need to invest in it for a year whereas commercial RPA will have a bond of the whole year.

Customizable - One of the major benefits is that Open-source tools are highly customizable. The robots can be customized as per the necessity.  

We at Propero, have partnered with Robocop a leading open-source RPA platform provider with enterprise-grade infrastructure and security. 

Hope you found it helpful.

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