Recharge Customer Portal Customization For Boobie Superfoods


Boobie* makes superfood breastfeeding bars, lactation snacks, plant-based protein shakes, and lactation gummies fueling busy moms through all stages of motherhood. 

They are powered by Superfoods. Their proprietary Superfood Blends are hand-crafted to empower you through all stages of motherhood.


The Challenges:

Subscription offer-

The biggest challenge the team of Boobie Superfoods faced was to provide exclusive discount offers to their subscribers with an ‘ON’ subscription. These offers should be displayed on the recharge customer portal.

Due to the fact that these offers were exclusive to members, they were to be hidden from users without memberships.



Migration to Shopify checkout-

From the beginning, they knew that Shopify checkout migration would be essential to ensuring their success. 

The displayed checkout page was from the Recharge checkout and they needed to convert it to Shopify checkout.

This additionally meant changes in the custom recharge widget to be compatible with the latest Shopify checkout requirements.



Changes in design-

In order to show the special offers, the customer requested carousel & some CSS changes were required.


The Solution:

We've helped Boobie Superfoods elevate their business to the next level, by migrating their Recharge checkout to Shopify checkout on their Shopify store's theme using javascript and ajax.

Customers who have activated their subscriptions can now take advantage of exclusive discounts and benefits. This will result in improved loyalty and retention.

Additionally, CSS was used to modify the design making the entire experience more user-friendly for improved customer experience.

The Result:

Propero has successfully implemented solutions for Boobie Superfoods. The whole project from creating the subscription offer to migration got completed in approx 6 weeks.

It was not possible to make changes to the app without the association of the Recharge team. They were a delight to work with. The Recharge portal got migrated and now there are more facilities available to the customers.

The checkout has become one page, making it easy for the client and the customers. This has improved the overall conversion and retention for the merchant along with many other improvements, we created a best-in-class site experience that Boobie superfoods customers love.

Hope you found the above helpful.