Propero Analyzer Meets Robocorp AI Action


This case study explores the integration of Robocorp AI Actions with Langchain Server to automate website evaluation using the Analyzer tool.

Analyzer utilizes analyzers like GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, and Pingdom to scrutinize websites, generate PDF reports, and deliver them via email.

Use Case Explanation

The scenario involves initiating the AI Action Analyzer through prompts on the Langchain server to commence website evaluation.

OpenAI's Large Language Models (LLM) aid in interpreting inputs and identifying operational parameters.

By focusing on optimizing website evaluation processes, this case demonstrates the efficiency of Robocorp AI Actions in managing tasks such as analysis and report generation.

Execution Specifics

Tool Integration

Integration involves linking Analyzer with Robocorp AI Actions and configuring triggers via prompts on Langchain server.



Upon receiving a correct prompt, Langchain server triggers the AI Action Analyzer.

Input Interpretation: 

Utilizing LLM, the AI Action Analyzer comprehends inputs and executes functions within a controlled environment.

Website Analysis: 

The AI Action Analyzer collaborates with analyzers to gather website data, process information, and generate a PDF report of performance metrics.

Report Delivery: 

The PDF report is sent to the user, ensuring prompt access to critical insights.


The integration of Robocorp AI Actions with Langchain Server presents a transformative approach to website evaluation.

By combining automation with AI-driven insights, organizations can streamline operations, improve accuracy, and make data-driven decisions efficiently.