Implementing a Price Calculator and Price Consistency Strategy for Arko Flooring


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Implementing a Price Calculator and Price Consistency Strategy for Arko Flooring

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Implementing a Price Calculator and Price Consistency Strategy for Arko Flooring

Phase 1: Ensuring Price Consistency across all platforms

Arko Flooring is a key brand in the tiles and flooring industry. Arko Flooring found it challenging to maintain the price in the Google feed and on the product page. 

They are required to show the product price in sq. feet on their store as well as on Google feed, while the product is being sold as a box of minimum sellable quantity. 

The reason behind showing the sq. feet price on the Google feed rather than the box price is that when a customer searches in Google feed they have options to look at and compare the prices.

Some brands show the product price in boxes, sheets, or packages while some show it per sq. feet which is comparatively lower than the others and has great impact on the customers.

Implementing a Price Calculator and Price Consistency Strategy for Arko Flooring

Solution applied:

Our development team came up with a solution of metafields in Shopify where they can show the prices in square feet while maintaining the selling choice to be of boxes.

We were able to help Arko Flooring by creating a duplicate product of each to solve the conflict of prices. Hence the Google Feed shows prices in the Sq. feet which is similar to the other listed products on the feed.

Stage 2: In Need of Price Calculator 

To cater to the specific needs of the customers, Arko Flooring needed a Price and quantity calculator. They were stuck at a point where they wanted a solution on the product page to auto-calculate the no. of boxes of the material required according to the input of the user.  

For example, if the user wants to purchase a plank, he only needs to add the sq. feet needed and the calculator will automatically calculate the rest. 

Implementing a Price Calculator for Arko Flooring

Solution applied:

Implementing Calculator: Our team built an operational calculator solution using languages like Javascript and Liquid to fulfill the calculator requirement as expected.

The calculator has options to calculate the waste material, the actual square feet, the total no. of boxes, and the total price.


By integrating the metafields solution and the Price Calculator on the product page, Arko Flooring offers a great personalized experience to their customers where they can auto-calculate everything and make their online shopping journey easy and relaxable. Our team completed the whole project within two weeks.

The collaboration between Propero and Arko Flooring is a successful partnership. We are pleased to have helped them improve their e-commerce journey resulting in better customer experience.

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