IIT Indore Automates Processes, Saves Time with 100% Efficiency


Indian Institute of Technology Indore, located in Madhya Pradesh, known as IIT Indore or IITI, is an institute of national importance established by the Government of India in 2009.

It is one of the eight new IITs, started by the Ministry of Education, Government of India. 


IIT Indore Automates Processes, Saves Time with 100% Efficiency

The Challenges: 

There were repetitive tasks that were necessary to be completed by the Institute but did not add value to the team. It was a time-consuming process that could easily be automated. Among the tasks were: 

Update on Promotion: 

Keeping employees informed about promotions is a simple but time-consuming task. As the first automation, a bot sent an email to management containing information about an employee's promotion approval.

A second email should be sent to the employee who is getting promoted after the management approves the first email.

Several Bonafide Documents:

There were several bonafide documents required by the faculty such as address proof, joining forms, visa-related documents, etc.

The task is to build a bot where the faculty can easily choose the document they need, enter their unique ID, and voila the documents are automatically created and mailed to them.

Birthday & Anniversary greetings:

One important repetitive job is to ensure sending birthdays and anniversary greetings to the employees.

While a lot of the above actions are promised to be taken care of by the upcoming ERP implementation, however, the actual implementation may take a lot of time involving the change management which will be required.

Hence an interim solution was needed to be deployed to save important working hours.

The solution:

Our team built a total of 4 bots to automate their processes from end to end. The four bots were for birthdays, work anniversaries, bonafide documents, and pay revision (promotion). 

Our approach was to assess the feasibility of what they were looking for, identify their requirement, and construct the bots in a manner that they can rely on them for their repetitive tasks.

For Promotion - No faculty is required to run the bot here as the bot will run on a daily basis. First, it will check the employee data and send the email to the selected faculty with the document attached. 

For Documents - Once the bot runs, it will show some options of documents through which the faculty can decide which one to choose.

The bot will later ask for their unique id and automatically prepare the template with their information on it. 

The time to do it manually was about 10 minutes for each document and now a minimum of 8-10 documents can be done within a minute.

For birthdays and anniversaries - The bot will automatically send an email to wish the faculty.

Tools and Technologies used:

Docxtpl - for creating the document templates

Custom Tkinter - for making the user-friendly UI

Robocorp - RPA Platform


The entire project, from process documentation to development and implementation, was completed in a time-bound manner. The time taken to complete the tasks manually has been reduced significantly.

With the help of digital workers the processing time, cost savings, and quality improvement has been accelerated. The faster processing enables the faculty to focus on more strategic work rather than investing their valuable time in manual tasks.

If you are interested in similar automation get in touch with us. 

Hope you found the above helpful.