Fractional Quantity For Fabrics & Fabrics


Fabrics & Fabrics is located near New York’s garment district, Fabrics & Fabrics prides itself on having one of the largest selections of couture fabrics in North America. Still a family-owned, family-run business, it has grown to staff a team of qualified in-store product specialists. As a premier luxury-quality fabric store, the company is proud to serve the theatre industry, film industry, TV production companies, and all their costume department needs.  Many of their fabrics go into dressing famous celebrities and red carpet events.

The Challenge: 

Fabrics & Fabrics carries exclusive fabrics that come from luxury fashion brands & high-end mills, and which are limited in quantity as they are most often from single production runs. It was important for them to sell their fabrics without any wastage happening from the other ends. They wanted a solution in which their customers can have the ability to increase/decrease the order quantity by 0.25 yards (1, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2…). 

Another functionality they wanted to have on their store was a button to order swatches of each material, A swatch is basically a small piece of fabric that's used as a sample.

Lastly, a text to display the quantity customer has selected for the purchase.

The solution:

We at Propero have created a workaround to help merchants keep the power of Shopify and also be able to provide the fractional quantity selling support. The way it works is that at the presentation layer the quantities are represented in decimal and in the backend, a product’s inventory is maintained as a multiple of the lowest unit ( or fraction) one wants to sell.

Some of the features of the solution include:

  • The quick setting for enabling and disabling fractional quantity support
  • Ability to set different fractions for different product 
  • Ability to show total available quantity in stock 
  • Showing the price per meter per yard etc.


The Result:

Fabrics & Fabrics can sell their fabrics by the quarter yard via our Shopify store. They can adjust the product weight as needed and the price and inventory quantity on every page required. Fabrics & Fabrics now have an “Order Swatch” button on the product pages, allowing customers to add a swatch to their shopping cart.  The customer will be able to add additional swatches when they view their shopping cart.

Hope you found the above helpful.