Custom Product Template And Calculator For Arko Flooring


The philosophy of Arko Flooring is that they love building relationships. That is the foundation upon which Arko Flooring is built. Good communication and trust are the cornerstones of all lasting relationships. Their experienced Flooring Professionals will guide the customers to find solutions that meet their expectations, whether a small residential or a large commercial project. 

They also have many relationships with many manufacturers and distributors to make sure they can secure the products the customer wants to bring the project to completion on time.



The Requirement: 

 Arko Flooring's requirement was to show the product price in sq. feet on their store as well as on google feed, while the product is actually being sold as a box of minimum sellable quantity. 

They also wanted to provide shoppers with an option to calculate the number of boxes they would need based on square feet area. Mostly, a small amount of wastage happens in tiles carrying from one place to another so they wanted an option for the user to select an extra 10% for wastage. 

They also wanted to give an option on the cart page to change the required square feet so they can see the revised box needed and the unit price and box price. At last, the price of an individual sq foot and an individual box should be displayed on the cart.

The Solution:

The calculator on the product page is visible, with an input option for the sq. foot needed. Once a user enters a certain no. the calculator will automatically calculate the no. of boxes required with the total price. In the calculator itself, there is a checkbox to select whether a 10% extra product is required or not.

On the cart page, the user can modify the quantity and the box and prices will get rounded off accordingly.

Three things will be displayed on the cart -

  1. No. of boxes
  2. Price per sq. feet
  3. Price per box       



The Result: 

The whole project of creating a calculator was completed in 2 weeks. The calculator is very helpful not only to Arko Flooring but also to the users as they can easily calculate the boxes according to the sq. feet they need and does the job way easier.

Hope you found the above helpful.