Custom Product Experience For Matkatus


The brand name Matkatus, is a blend of two stunning varieties of silks: Matka and Tussar. Matkatus, based in Chennai, is the house of ethnic weaves from all parts of the country. Their rich range of fabrics, sarees and other handcrafted products are for those who wish to make a subtle statement rooted in simplicity and earthy elegance. 

The Requirement:

The fabric store needed some additional changes to their store. They wanted to have custom options for their stitching services, so the shoppers can select the type of apparel they want to get stitched using the fabric. Once the customer selects the fabric they are to be presented with option to filter the stitching service for the fabric material. The stitching services are-

  1. Kurtas
  2. Blouses
  3. Saree
  4. masks 
  5. Dresses.

For each category, they wanted to have different 4-5 stitching patterns available to the customers. 

Once the stitching pattern is decided they wanted some additional specifications as a checkbox available on the page. Such as-

  1. With lining
  2. With Pockets
  3. With piping for the neck
  4. Express delivery

Lastly, All the selections cloth material, stitching category, and pattern plus additional specification were to be added to the cart as a bundle. 

The Solution:

Entire solution was custom coded using Metafields. Based the agreed UI element, the entry point was a added through a button for availing stitching services Custom product page and custom collection templates were prepared to create the right flow for shopper.   

All the services or categories such as (kurtas, masks, pants, etc. ) were added to the products after creating the template through metafields with the help of the tag (stitching services). All the services have multiple options to choose and these multiple options are created via collection. Once category and option are selected there is also an option for additional specifications which is also created via metafields. 

Lastly, all the selections are added to the cart as a bundle via a custom code.

The Result:

The whole project is completed within 3 weeks. With the addition of stitching services, overall conversion is expected to improve since the shopper won't need to worry about availing of the stitching somewhere else. The custom solution provides much better control over the overall look and feels and work flow of the services being sold. It also helps improve the user experience. 

Hope you found the above helpful.