Calculator For Bellstone Masonry Supply


At BellStone Masonry Supply, it is their goal to provide the customers with a wide range of products to suit their every need. Their experienced staff is available to assist the customers in product selection and can help them with all aspects of their construction project. Whether they are a contractor, architect, or homeowner, They are delighted to assist them in every way.

The Challenge:

Bellstone has a wide range of products in the construction field for properties such as Fireplaces, Mantles, Thin Veneers, Fire Pits, and Stone and they were facing two challenges-

  1. One of the most important challenges our client has considered was having a material calculator in their store. The customers should be able to calculate the price, quantity & total of each material automatically just by entering the no. of sq. feet they want in particular. 
  2. Just like product bundling, the client wanted to have related items of their purchase be added to the calculator with the required quantity so the customer can purchase all materials at once. 

The Solution:

Our team understood the requirement of the client from scratch to end. With proper communication, a mathematical solution was designed to measure the quantity and the price of the products according to the number of sq. feet added to the calculator.

The team created the solution with the help of javascript and added a hint of bundling where all related products are added to the calculator. 

The Result:

The whole project of creating a material calculator was completed in 2 weeks. The job of the calculator was very attractive to the customers as they could easily calculate everything at once and when they find similar products in the calculator itself, It does the job way easier. It can prevent product waste, reduce extra expenses and increase customer satisfaction.

Hope you found the above helpful.