Boosting Sales with Multicolor Selection for Knit Sweaters at Calling Sheep


Vivianne, living on Rügen Island with her sheepdog Pacho, found her passion through her work in marketing for a company that used local sheep's wool. 

She discovered the beauty and value of Nordic sheep breeds, which help maintain landscapes naturally. 

Inspired by this and her love for knitting, she created Calling Sheep. This brand offers exclusive products made from the wool of these special sheep, making their high-quality wool accessible to everyone. 



Calling Sheep wanted to provide customers with a flexible shopping experience, especially for their multicolor knit sweaters. 

Each sweater could come in up to four different colors, and they needed a solution that allowed customers to select various color combinations easily.


To address this, our team introduced an option on the product page that allows customers to select multiple colors for their sweaters. 

For instance, if a sweater is available in four colors, customers can choose a main color in a specific color selector (e.g., 3 units) and add the other three colors individually (e.g., 1 unit each). This results in a total of six units (3+1+1+1) added to the cart seamlessly.


1. Product Page Update: 

We redesigned the product page to include a color selection feature. Customers can now see all available colors and choose their preferred combination.

2. Color Comparison Pop-Up: 

Upon selecting colors, a pop-up window appears, displaying all chosen colors side by side for easy comparison.

3.Add to Cart Functionality: 

Once the selections are made, the "Add to Cart" button updates to reflect the total quantity of sweaters in the chosen colors. This ensures that the order is processed correctly, with each color's quantit y displayed.


The new multicolor selection option has significantly improved the shopping experience for Calling Sheep customers.

 They can now easily customize their orders, resulting in increased satisfaction and higher sales. 

The flexibility to choose multiple colors per order has also led to a broader appreciation of the brand's unique, handcrafted sweaters.


By enhancing the product page to include a multicolor selection feature, Calling Sheep has successfully met customer needs for customizable knitwear options. 

This innovative approach not only simplifies the purchasing process but also highlights the brand's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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