Automation Of Payroll Process For UK’s Leading Accounting Bureau


FD works is a firm of accountants, business advisors, and Xero specialists based in Bristol and Bath.

They help their clients to embrace their numbers, get full control of their finances and achieve their ambitious personal and business goals.

Automation Of Payroll Process For UK’s Leading Accounting Bureau

The Problem:                                                              

The client runs the payroll for a number of small and medium business houses. They use a third-party desktop application to manage and process the payroll.

The payroll process has a number of standard steps after the initial payroll calculations are done, which include reporting to statutory authority and making payments to the government and insurance, posting the entry in the journal, sending an instruction to the bank, and creating payment files, etc.

 As the company grew, the repetitive tasks were consuming a lot of time and the process was also prone to some manual errors due to fatigue.

They wanted to ease the process with automation so that their employees can focus on core accounting and other strategic finance activities. 

The Solution:

The team closely worked with the client to understand the process and got familiar with the tool which was being used, BrightPay in this case.

The  RPA bot was created to run the process for each employer using the predefined steps, leveraging the power of Robocorp’s platform.

 First, all the inputs required for accessing and processing the payroll, like email, password, employer’s name, payroll month, pay date, etc, were taken in a JSON file.

These inputs were then processed for that payroll month which was taken as input in the JSON file. There were about 6 steps that needed to be followed before the process could be considered complete for each of the employers.

Tools and Technologies Used :

BrightPay- A payroll software especially for UK payroll

Accessibility Insights - For finding locators of Elements 

Robocorp - RPA Platfrorm

The Result:

With the help of Robotic Process Automation, our team automated the payroll process for FD works. The automation helped the client in becoming more efficient.

The manual effort got reduced by 80%, and the processing time is down to almost 4-5 minutes, saving 3+ days over the monthly pay cycle instead of 40+ minutes.

The same solution will be deployed at various other Bureau so that they can also leverage the power of RPA..

Start evaluating the need for RPA in your business today and discover precisely how solutions like Robocorp can help.

Quote from the Client:

“Seeing the robot in action blows my mind, we’ve taken a boring element of a process and given it to a machine. I keep thinking what can we look at next?

This isn’t about taking people out of the business, this is about making roles more interesting and giving up more time to think, and talk to our clients.

The Team at Propero has been incredible. This is the start of a long-term partnership.”

Jonathan Gaunt, Managing Director, FD Works UK